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Spending Time Together

Spending quality time together is crucial in maintaining the marriage.  This time can be with friends, dining out, attending a sporting event, or cuddling together while watching a favorite movie.  The activity is not what is important but the fact that you are together, doing something that you both enjoy.  In this pressure cooker society everyone has busy schedules and between work, family, the home, finding time for your mate can be difficult.  REMEMBER, your mate has feelings and needs just as you do.  Just as you would schedule a meeting on your calendar, show some courtesy in the relationship by scheduling time with each other.  Once the plan is in place, no backing out unless you have some life and death emergency.



If you are married, especially with children, break out of the habit of talking about nothing.  All too many times, families will be sitting around the dinner table and the conversation consists of, "Do you like your carrots?", or "I wonder what is on TV tonight?"  Instead , change your strategy to include real questions, showing genuine interest.  Replace the normal, "Did you have a good day at work?" with "Tell me what you did at work or school today."  Even if you do not understand everything being said, listen with interest.  It is not that you are so much interested in the work, but you are interested in the accomplishments of the children and especially your mate.

Things To Remember

Early in the marriage establish a Date Night

Always find a way to compliment your parnter.

  • in the presence of the children
  • in the presence of friends
  • for household chores, meals, and little things

Never take your partner for granted.  Be sensitive to their needs.

Learn to laugh at mistakes and to forgive and forget.

Understand that your partner is not always going to see things the way you do, but that does not mean they don't appreciate and love you.  LIGHTEN UP!